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Guinea Pig

You can uncover the wonderful world of these cute little creatures. They make great pets in your children as a end result of they’re so pleasant and easy breeding abyssinians guinea pig to look after. Small exotic sufferers pose critical diagnostic challenges due to their dimension.

  • Guinea pigs are family members of rodents generally identified as Caviidae, which incorporates different species of cavies which are found within the wild.
  • They have pleasant personalities, whereas being alert and cautious.
  • In addition, mothers stimulate their pups urinary and anal glands by licking their genital areas.

Males are recognized to be extremely aggressive when competing for territory or potential mates. As a end result, males are sometimes separated when females are present. The origin of the colloquial name guinea pig is a topic can a guinea pig of a lot debate. The moniker could also have originated with a mispronounced form of the word Guiana, the name of the area where some guinea pigs were collected.

All You Have To Know About Guinea Pigs

Livestock breeds of the guinea pig play an necessary role in folk culture for many indigenous Andean peoples, particularly as a meals source. The animals are also used in people medication and in community non secular ceremonies. They are raised for his or her meat and are a culinary staple within the Andes Mountains, the place they’re generally identified as cuy. In the Sixties a contemporary breeding program was began in Peru that resulted in large breeds generally recognized as cuy mejorados . Marketers tried to increase consumption of the animal exterior South America.

Cavies actually play a role in preserving their ecosystems running—they primarily eat plant material, however are prey for varied mammals, birds of prey, reptiles similar to anacondas and caimans, and even humans. The rodents’ docile nature additionally makes it a typical topic for analysis. Cavies are found across the South American continent, in open areas ranging from moist savannas to thorn forest and scrub desert. It’s almost any port in a storm for the cavy—grasslands, forest margins, swamps, and rocky areas are all house, sweet home to some cavies.

Guinea Pig Care Suggestions

Old rabbit-cage furnished with a Macrolon IV rodent cage for group-housed guinea pigs. Photo by Richard Weilemann.Our giant breeding groups stay in ground pens. For enrichment, hay is positioned in plastic barrels which have holes in the bottom. Since guinea pigs like to go under anything that covers them, we mount the barrels on approximately 20 cm high iron legs permitting the animals to run beneath the barrel. This association additionally supplies foraging enrichment, and the animals skillfully pull strands of recent hay through the holes in the bottom of the barrel.

guinea pig

Therefore, pet guinea pigs aren’t likely to harbor this parasite until they are recent additions or had previous publicity to mite-infested guinea pigs. A particular mite, Trixacarus cavie, causes severe infestations in pet guinea pigs. This sarcoptic mite lives within the outer layers of skin causing an intense itching and scratching with considerable hair loss. In some instances, they present with out itching and scratching however with only hair loss and crusting of the skin. In other cases, the infestation and irritation is so severe that the pet causes important self-inflicted wounds and exhibits wild working and circling behavior.


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